About Us

For the Mind Body & Soul.

At Dr. Hemp we understand everyone’s love for Hemp & CBD, and we understand that the plant has astonishing benefits for no only humans but also for animals


At Dr Hemp we only offer extremely high quality materials that are extremely hard to find at very competitive prices.

Our company also prides itself on excellent customer service and are always looking to work with our clients budgets and needs.
All our oils are full spectrum crystal isolate so contain a whole array of necessary cannabinoids and all extracted from Organic Dutch high grade Cannabis.

Dr.Hemp have a range of lab tested and certified CBD products that have been hand chosen for their CBD content.
Dr.Hemp are a new UK based retailer who specialise in high quality imported CBD or Cannabis products from the USA and the European Union. Dr.Hemp offer a great range of full spectrum isolate cannabinoid products.

Product Quality – Only high quality material is utilised in the production of high quality products we source our products from a USA/Europe hemp grower and UK based manufacturer who has a consistent record of producing the highest quality Hemp oils, every batch is tested by an independent ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory ensuring consistency and quality for the end product user.

The cannabinoid rich oils are made using industrial hemp cultivated using pristine soils in the European union and extracted using a super critical CO2 extraction process, the full spectrum CBD rich Co2 hemp extract is further refined, analyzed and tested for purity and potency and blended into our premium CBD oils in the UK.

Supercritical Extraction is the most gentle approach to extract high quality CBD, which retains the naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant. The CBD oils contain virtually zero THC which means they are non-psychoactive and won’t make you tired or drowsy. The company was set up with the aim to offer the UK a trustworthy place to buy legal, high quality, cost effective and 100% natural CBD oil infused food supplements .


Our Mission is to reach out across the UK and Europe and offer our products at an affordable price for those in need. As well as giving other small businesses the opportunity to sell our products and helping to spread awareness on the healing potential of the super-food hemp. If you are a business and our products are of interest to you then please do contact us for a wholesale pricelist at info@jazvape.com for the chance to join in the booming hemp industry.

We take pride in offering only the safest, most effective CBD hemp oil products.